Harmony-Meier Institute

As many seminal American educational thinkers have noted across the past 150 years, we know the health of our democracy – our ‘Public’ – is entwined with the health of our schools, especially our public schools, which traditionally serve children and youth most in need in our communities.
The HMI is well-positioned to address these vexing educational challenges in Indiana and beyond. As an IU School of Education entity, HMI can help place issues of democracy and equity at the center of conversations, debates, and decisions about teaching, learning, and curriculum in our schools. The Deborah Meier Archive at Lilly Library offers a solid foundation and wealth of resources to ground and sustain this work. HMI also partners with IU School of Education leaders and key community stakeholders.

The HMI brings together three key resources in creative partnership:
   Harmony School and Education Center, with its storied 40 plus years as a
thriving Bloomington, Indiana community school committed to the practices of
democratic education.
   Deborah Meier Archive at Lilly Library, the home for her legendary work
incorporating social justice, equity, and democracy into American education.
   IU School of Education INSPIRE Living-Learning Center, a residence community for undergraduate IU students interested in the power and possibilities of democratic education.